When you were a kid, there was only one way to make a statement. A cannonball. Because with a cannonball, there’s no halfway. You’re all in from the jump. But what if we lived that way in every area of our lives—our relationships, jobs, time, talent and treasures? Imagine the splash we could make—the ripples we could create—if we lived “all in” for a purpose beyond ourselves. It’s time. Jump in and make some waves. The water’s fine.

Vision Video

Primary Goal

100% Engagement

We want every single person to take his or her next step in discipleship and grow in generosity.

Secondary Goal

$27 Million

This is a one-fund initiative. That simply means we are trusting God for this amount to cover all of our expenses for two years, which provides for our ongoing general budget and our additional vision across all churches.

Make a Wave

Wave of Mission

$15 Million

This covers the lifeblood of what we do daily. It represents our annual two-year operating budget.

Our regular two-year budget for all churches is around $14 million
Add some staff throughout our Network that will position us for growth
Invest in ministry budgets (primarily kids and students) that drive growth

Wave of Multiplication

$3 Million

This will fund church planting, church partnering and training church leaders.

Create a fully funded Pastor-in-Residence Training Center to equip men and women as church planters and leaders in new campuses
Fund two pastors-in- residence per year to lead new churches
Fund four new church launches
Purchase (or be given) houses for pastors and families during their residency
Plant churches internationally in the Dominican Republic and Haiti

Wave of Compassion

$1.5 Million

These funds will go directly to impact lives of those in need locally, regionally and globally.

Establish new local partners in the communities of each of our churches
Covers the Christmas Conspiracy year-end offering for the length of the campaign
Providing for orphans in Uganda
Building wells through Charity Water
Building homes in Baja
Fighting human trafficking in Southern California and Baja
Serving the homeless in our communities
Providing disaster relief around the world

Wave of Engagement

$7.5 Million

This is for deepening roots in our communities and upgrading facilities with room for growth.

EastLake Church Temecula

EastLake Church Imperial Beach

EastLake Church Tijuana

EastLake Church Salt Lake City

EastLake Church Paradise Village

EastLake Church Chula Vista

Torrey Pines Church

Venice Church