Jeffrey's Story

Jeffrey Holloway found EastLake Church via a Google Search…which sounds totally normal in our day and age. But what started as a blind internet query has turned into a deep and personal journey. Jeffrey has served on many ministry teams here, but it was his trip to Uganda that marked a turning point in his faith. After seeing the work that the EastLake Church Network is able to do for the students and staff at the Bright Hope School and Orphanage in Uganda, Jeffrey realized how powerful we are when we team up to invest our resources together. He not only got to live out a Jesus mission across the globe, but he saw first-hand the waves we can make world-wide when we jump in together. Participating in the Cannonball Generosity Initiative has been a no-brainer for Jeffrey, as he wants to continue to make waves with his life and see where God will lead him, and EastLake, next.

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